[jdev] Re: Image transfer in chat ?

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Thu Apr 21 11:16:51 CDT 2005


Heiner Wolf schrieb:

>> <IMG
>>  SRC="
>>  AAAC8IyPqcvt3wCcDkiLc7C0qwyGHhSWpjQu5yqmCYsapyuvUUlvONmOZtfzgFz
>>  [...]
>>  F81M1OIcR7lEewwcLp7tuNNkM3uNna3F2JQFo97Vriy/Xl4/f1cf5VWzXyym7PH
>>  hhx4dbgYKAAA7" />
>..is really as much inline as it could be. I would choose a solution similar to MIME with <IMG SRC="cid:12345678"> and an additional <obj/> which contains the base64 coded image, IN THE SAME MESSAGE. 
>I don't agree, that the Jabber way is defined by discoing and file-transferring everything. There are arguments for carrying images in the same message. Embedding images works equally well as embedding images by URL into MIME mails. They have a half-life period and after some time the external images disappear. If you want to archive complete messages with out the risk of loosing images, then the image data must be in the message. 
I agree with Heiner, archiving messages which contain inline images as 
data inside the SRC attribute, preserves the image data. Otherwise image 
data might get lost.

I do agree with Richard, too. Transferring the encoded image data inline 
in an HTML-IMG tag could waste bandwidth.
The hashing helps in this case.

 From my feelings and my experience it feels easier to implement 
transmission of images inline in an HTML IMG tag.

My head says, both ways should be allowed - but the first one is easier 
and much more straight forward.


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