[jdev] JEP 0114 vs. jabberd2 extensions

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Thu Apr 28 10:20:47 CDT 2005

I'll be writing a few components over the next few months, and had a
quick question on the jabberd2 extensions to the component protocol.
Other than the better auth scheme, TLS, and domain binding (which all
have more or less obvious benefits), is there any functional
disadvantage to using JEP 0114 for writing jabberd2 components?  Do the
<route> stanzas provide important functionality in the common case?
Note that at least one of these components will be providing services to
the others akin to what resolver does for s2s.

I am trying to decide whether to invest some time initially in extending
the library I'm using or just live with JEP-0114 style components.


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