[jdev] How to handle AIM/external protocol users with "@" in buddy name

Paul Clegg paulclegg at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 11:25:13 CDT 2005

We recently discovered a class of AIM users who have an "@" symbol in their 
buddy name (e.g. buddyname at somecompany.com). Neither aim-t or pyaim-t handle 
this case (the buddy is translated to the jid buddyname at somecompany.com@
transport.server.com <http://transport.server.com>, which is clearly not a 
legal jid). 

Can anyone recommend the correct way to resolve xmpp-illegal characters 
encountered in external protocols at the transport level, so that the 
contact can be properly assigned a jid, messaged, stored in the roster, 

I imagine that the MSN-t folks have dealt with this issue already and may 
have some suggestions for us.



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