[jdev] Re: Re: HTML display component for C++ on Windows + Jabber

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Fri Apr 29 00:47:08 CDT 2005

Hi Jon,

> Right, I'm just not sure if one exists. Oh man, I really don't want to
> write a light-weight browser component for MFC! Are you considering
> gecko lightweight? What did you finally end up implementing?
> Also, any thoughts or examples of use of the IE control for display?

no im not considering gecko as lightweight. But much better than IE. There 
is an Gecko activeX control. This would make the redustribution of your app 
2-3 Mb larger. The only lighweight HTML control i know is the buildin in 
I finally ended up with the IE control. I use it for displaying chat, 
groupchat and normal messages, and also for the typing area in the editmode. 
But in the editmode it creates horrible HTML. So there is lots of work to 
cleanup this HTML and convert it to XHTML when sending formatted messages 
When you only need it for display, and your app is MS-Windows only, then the 
IE control is fine.


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