[jdev] Re: Zeroconf and some thoughts..

Remko Troncon remko at psi-im.org
Fri Apr 29 07:03:44 CDT 2005

> I think that more than focusing on P2P Zeroconf IM systems (which is 
> something different than XMPP/Jabber), we should look on how we can 
> advertise the presence of a XMPP server (and its services like: allowed 
> logon domains, supported authentication type etc) on the network.

I personally don't see much use of putting XMPP servers on a local network.
P2P on the other hand seems a lot more interesting, and requires no server to
be present at all. Moreover, modifying existing clients to do P2P chatting
doesn't seem very hard design-wise: messages can be processed as normal,
and presence should be transformed from the zeroconf way of broadcasting
presence to an XMPP packet, which should be delivered to the client as
usual. The zeroconf part is the hardest part to implement.


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