[jdev] Changing Fields of JUD

Fábio Coelho coelho at jfsc.gov.br
Fri Apr 29 16:50:52 CDT 2005


I'm new here...

I'm trying to change the fields used for jud to search in the directory,
but I think that I forgot something, 'cause the form is showed with
labels but without inputs. 

I'm using Psi as a Client, User-Agents as JUD and jabberd2.08s as
Server, in a Conectiva ( now Mandriva ) Linux Box, with pipe-auth (who
proxies with ldap) and storage mysql.

here is the code:

sub iqSearchGetCB
    my $sid = shift;
    my $iq = shift;
    $Debug->Log1("iqSearchGetCB: iq(",$iq->GetXML(),")");

    my $fromJID = $iq->GetFrom("jid");

    my $iqReply = $iq->Reply(type=>"result");
    my $iqReplyQuery = $iqReply->NewQuery("jabber:iq:search");
    $iqReplyQuery->SetSearch(instructions=>"Preencha um ou mais campos
para procurar por usuário do

    $Debug->Log1("iqSearchGetCB: reply(",$iqReply->GetXML(),")");
    $Debug->Log1("iqSearchGetCB: searchForm(",

    $Debug->Log1("iqSearchGetCB: reply(",$iqReply->GetXML(),")");

Could be $iqReply->NewQuery("jabber:iq:search")?

by qoelheX

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