[jdev] Zlib compression

Stephen Pendleton spendleton at movsoftware.com
Thu Dec 1 11:20:25 CST 2005

Taking a look at an example zlib implementation's header file there a few
items that control the behavior of the zlib compressor/decompressor:

#define Z_NO_COMPRESSION         0
#define Z_BEST_SPEED             1
#define Z_BEST_COMPRESSION       9
/* compression levels */

#define Z_FILTERED            1
#define Z_HUFFMAN_ONLY        2
/* compression strategy; see deflateInit2() below for details */

#define Z_BINARY   0
#define Z_ASCII    1
#define Z_UNKNOWN  2
/* Possible values of the data_type field */

#define Z_DEFLATED   8
/* The deflate compression method (the only one supported in this version)

As you can see, you can specify a compression level, a compression method,
and a deflation method. Since the stream compression JEP doesn't specify the
inclusion of feature negotiations, how are implementors handling this?
Currently I use default values for the level and compression/decompression
methods and it works fine. 

I personally think we should do feature negotiation, but if we choose not to
we should specify in the JEP what the supported values should be.


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