[jdev] Jabber for Windows Handhelds

Stephen Pendleton spendleton at movsoftware.com
Thu Dec 1 15:40:08 CST 2005

The Basic version of imov Messenger for the PocketPC/HandheldPC is free (as
in beer). 

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On 12/1/05, Hernan Tylim <htylim at novamens.com> wrote:
> I was wondering if someone here knows, or might be able to point me 
> where to look, for open-source Jabber projects for Windows CE / Mobile 
> platforms (don't really know the difference between those two).

There are not many at all unfortunately.  Agile Messenger was fairly nice,
but for some unknown reason (we discussed it here), they dropped Jabber
support in their latest builds.  I actually complained but never heard back
from them.

There's TipicME, but i haven't been able to get it to work:

Jabber Corp (jabber.com) has one in beta but frankly I wasn't really
impressed with it and it just plain doesn't work in Windows Mobile 5.

Another person mentioned imov and while their product looks nice, it's not
free and therefore I won't use it.  :)

> Windows CE / Mobile
> platforms (don't really know the difference between those two).

Just different versions of the same thing.  MSFT apparently likes to confuse
their customers and developers by renaming the product every other version.
See this page for details: http://www.pocketpcfaq.com/version.htm

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im:hal at jabber.rocks.cc

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