[jdev] if anyone is having problems with slow propogation for<x xmlns="MY_NAMESPACE" messages...

Norman Rasmussen norman at rasmussen.co.za
Thu Dec 1 16:02:06 CST 2005

On 12/1/05, Bruce Campbell <list-jdev at vicious.dropbear.id.au> wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Nov 2005, Norman Rasmussen wrote:
> > You might also try presence elements instead of message elements -
> > depending on what you mean by the game event.
> >
> > Typically I would map game movement to presence elements, and game
> > actions via messages - thoughts?
> As long as its always directed presence elements (ie, with a 'to') that is
> being sent out.  I have vague worries of such a game engine being used
> with a user's regular jabber credentials and annoying everyone on their
> roster with floods of spurious update information.

Hrmm, good point.  I half have a collaborative editor idea in the
pipe-line, and I'm thinking of using one muc per file (much like lluna
uses one muc per web-page).  The directed presence is very important,
because I was planning on sending current cursor location as part of
the presence information.  (file changes would be transmitted as

> Quite apart from that, its a good idea.  It means that regular jabber
> servers can be used on the servers, and the normal availability mechanism
> will nicely kick when a game connection disconnects.
true, you get all the backend functionally with very little effort :-)

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