[jdev] SASL debugging

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Sat Dec 10 14:22:06 CST 2005

Hi Norman,

Norman Rasmussen schrieb:

>Cool, thanks for sorting out that example!
>I'm a 'latin' only charset kinda guy, so the notion of stringprep is
>pretty foreign to me, but I understand why it's necessary.
Well I even had an example in Latin-1, that demonstrated the nodeprep 
profile. The mapping from ² to 2 … both are within the Latin-1 charset.
Another example in Latin-1 is the mapping from "ß" to "ss" ("ß" is a 
character used in Germany).

>I'd expect that stringprep is more used to map 'е' 0x0435 to 'e'
>0x0065, and 'ё' 0x0451 to 'ë' 0x00EB?
Sorry, but these two are invalid examples. Both е and ё are kept and not 
mapped to another character.

Tot kijk

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