[jdev] jabberSMTP

Norman Rasmussen norman at rasmussen.co.za
Fri Dec 16 06:18:56 CST 2005

Try check with something like tcdpdump -A or tcpflow that the message
_is_ actually being sent.  I suspect that it's choking on the 'To'
address if it contains a email address with name, e.g: "John Doe"
<john at doe.com>.  The regular expressions probably need tweaking.

Alternatively try sending a test message by running smtp2jabber.pl a
the command line and 'typing' a simple mail message (with headers) to
your self.  (i.e. from, to, subject, blank line, some body, eof)

Some jabber servers require a delay between the send and the
disconnect, so you could try adding one in to see if that helps too.

On 12/16/05, Jon Scottorn <jscottorn at possibilityforge.com> wrote:
>            Ok, now I don't get any errors but my jabber message is still not coming through, all I get is:
>  03:29:26 PM] *** jabbermail is Online [forwarding email]
>  [03:29:26 PM] *** jabbermail is Offline
>  Not the email that I sent.
>  Any other thoughts?
>  Thanks for all the help
>  On Fri, 2005-12-16 at 00:14 +0200, Norman Rasmussen wrote:
>  change
> my $jabmsg->SetMessage(
> to
> $jabmsg->SetMessage(
> and it'll all work.

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