[jdev] [ANN] Jive Messenger is now Wildfire Server

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Fri Dec 16 16:23:54 CST 2005

Hello All,

We're pleased to introduce Wildfire Server, the new name for the Open
Source Jive Messenger project. Renaming a well-known project is a big
step; for details on why we changed the name, please visit:


We'd greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about the new
name. Along with the name change, comes the 2.4.0 release. Highlights of
the release:

 * Performance boost. We've optimized the server to handle packet
traffic at least 33% faster.
 * Added support for JEP-0138, Stream Compression
 * Added detection of idle client connections -- this helps to fix
zombie connections due to TCP/IP errors.
 * New bundled database driver for SQL Server so that setup for that
database is even easier.

Full changelog:


The 1.0.2 release of the Spark IM client is now also available. It
includes many bug fixes, minor features, and performance improvements.
The full changelog is at:


Best Regards,

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