[jdev] [ANN] Jive Messenger is now Wildfire Server

Jakob Schroeter js at camaya.net
Sat Dec 17 15:43:13 CST 2005


On Friday December 16 2005 23:23, Matt Tucker wrote:
>  * Added support for JEP-0138, Stream Compression

I'm trying to test gloox' Stream Compression implementation against Wildfire 
but didn't have much luck so far.
I've added 'xmpp.client.compression.policy' with value 'optional' to the 
System Properties. Is there anything else I have to do to enable Stream 
Compression in Wildfire?

I get:

  <compression xmlns='http://jabber.org/features/compress'>

<compress xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/compress'>

Server disconnects immediately.

This is after TLS has been established.

Any idea?

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