[jdev] Building libjingle on Windows

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 17:28:11 CST 2005

I can't get the base component to build, I haven't got anywhere near as far
as that yet, but if I do, I'll surely let you know ;)

On 12/18/05, Kevin Smith <kevin at kismith.co.uk> wrote:
> On 18 Dec 2005, at 19:56, Matthew Wild wrote:
> > Has anyone managed to get the library to build to binary on Windows?
> > It seems that various files are missing, and some lines of code are
> > not liked by MSVC.
> >
> > Is it really released in an incomplete state, or am I doing
> > something wrong? After all, Google Talk is a Windows-only app too,
> > so it must work... any ideas?
> This is non-official, but I've been working with libjingle for a few
> weeks and chatting to the devs, so this is my reading.
> libjingle itself will work fine on windows.
> The example MediaEngine, implemented using Linphone's MediaStreamer
> will not.
> Although libjingle contacts the code used by the GT client, they use
> another audio stack, not the example code given here.
> There exists a windows port of mediastreamer but I do not believe
> libjingle has been compiled using it yet. If you do get it working,
> please share, because we currently have only a linux implementation.
> /K
> --
> Kevin Smith
> Psi Jabber client maintainer (http://psi-im.org/)
> Postgraduate Research Student, Computer Science, University Of Exeter
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