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Michal Vaner (Vorner) michal.vaner at kdemail.net
Mon Dec 26 03:38:51 CST 2005

Dne pondělí 26 prosinec 2005 10:26 Ulrich Staudinger napsal(a):
> Oleg Motienko schrieb:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I asked such question last year, but didn't got answer at that time.
> >
> >So, if N users of my xmpp server talking in MUC on other server, each
> >user get copy of each message in conference, and I guess S2S traffic
> >will be N*messages_size ? Is there any S2S feature which can send one
> >copy of message body to many users with same domain like CC: in email
> >?
> Hi Oleg,
> afaik there isn't. But it's a good point ... It would reduce the traffic
> cost among high load distributed environments in big distribution by
> factors.

As I know, it exists - extended addressing, or how is it called. However, I do 
not thing it is supported by software. If you have both servers that support 
it, it can send messages with are addressed to more than one recipient, so 
there would be N addresses and the message only once.


Windows are like..
windows. Shiny but fragile and expensive.

Michal Vaner (Vorner)

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