[jdev] can't get speex and ilbc

Andro andromede at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 06:02:44 CST 2005

while ./configure --with-speex --with-ilbc I get :

checking speex.h usability... no
checking speex.h presence... no
checking for speex.h... no
configure: WARNING: Could not find a libspeex version that have the
speex_encode_int() function. Please install libspeex=1.0.5 or
libspeex>=1.1.6 from http://www.speex.org/
checking iLBC_decode.h usability... no
checking iLBC_decode.h presence... no
checking for iLBC_decode.h... no
configure: WARNING: Could not find ilbc headers or libs. Please
install ilbc package from http://www.linphone.org if you want iLBC
codec support in libjingle.

I have the file :

I tryied to symlink to /usr/include/speex.h, to add a prefix
--with-speex=/usr/include/speex/ .. but can't get it supported, I have

libjingle 0.1.0

Supported Codecs:
Speex: no
iLBC: no
MULAW: yes

at the end of ./configure

anybody has the same? or solution?

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