[jdev] RFC 3921, Section 8.2, point 9.: no one implements this SHOULD?

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at jajcus.net
Wed Dec 28 15:28:54 CST 2005


Users of my CJC clients and those who tried one of PyXMPP examples
reported me ugly flood of <presence/> and <iq/> stanzas during presence
subscription. I have examined the problem and found out, that jabberd2
causes loops with clients that acknowledge received "subscribed" stanzas
according to RFC 3921 section 8.2 point 9. and section 9.4. 

As the bug in jabberd2 must have to been present there for a long time
I wonder if anybody but me has implemented this particular SHOULD of
RFC-3921 in their client.

And I don't want to remove this SHOULD implementation because of broken
server which doesn't implement some MUSTs...


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