[jdev] S2S questions - from attribute and version support

Vinod Panicker vinod.p at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 00:37:51 CST 2005

RFC 3920 states -

   In the 'jabber:server' namespace, a stanza MUST possess a 'from'
   attribute; if a server receives a stanza that does not meet this
   restriction, it MUST generate an <improper-addressing/> stream error

But the Dialback section states -

   Note: The 'to' and 'from' attributes are OPTIONAL on the root stream

Also, atleast a couple of servers i've seen specify version=1.0 in the
stream and use dialback instead of TLS.  How will my server know when
to use dialback and when to use tls?  Doesn't version=1.0 imply that
TLS is supported?


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