[jdev] S2S questions - from attribute and version support

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Sat Dec 31 03:59:48 CST 2005

HI Vinod!

Vinod Panicker schrieb:

>The RFC states that SASL must be done after TLS.  Though its not
>expressly forbidden, I doubt that TLS+dialback was ever intended in
>the first place, since Dialback was written much before there was the
>question of TLS.
... but you cannot tell me that TLS+dialback is worse than just 
unencrypted dialback. Therefore I think it has been a good idea to use 
the starttls extension on dialback as well.

>Regarding the issue of SASL EXTERNAL and support for subjectAltNames,
>I dont think it is currently possible to have a valid certificate with
>subjectAltName extensions since none of the CA's are supporting it.
Right. That's why as a fallback all server implementations I know check 
the CN if there is no subjectAltName extension.

>I think there should be something done for enabling federation between
>servers using DIGEST-MD5 or even PLAIN.  Otherwise, this looks like a
>no-go.  Servers will keep relying on dialback.
Using DIGEST-MD5 or PLAIN for interconnection between servers would mean 
that EVERY PAIR of jabber servers would have to agree on a shared 
secret. That's very much impractical.

Tot kijk

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