[jdev] Has somebody still focused on Jabber E-mail?

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Mon Jul 11 10:22:48 CDT 2005

Op maandag 11 juli 2005 16:55, schreef Richard Dobson:
> > But some clients already have support for message filtering and
> > privacy lists, and also it is possible to block whole domain by
> > filtering it's server subnet or playing with name resolving (such as
> > put line " jabber.spammershost.com" in /etc/hosts)
> Blocking of particular domains using privacy lists is unlikely to work as
> spammers just buy new domain names every few days, just like they do today
> with email spam, same with blocking IPs, if spammers realise they are
> getting blocked by IP they will just start using their bot networks to
> provide a virtually unlimited supply of sacrificial IPs to use.

The big advantages are:
* spammers will end up in jail more easily as it is easier to locate them.
* providers that allow spammers to use their services will get a bad 
reputation (as spammers can't use the domains of the competition of their 
* virusses can't use the address from a third party in the Outlook address 
book for the From: header (so social engineering will be a bit more 
* emails will be more valued in court.


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