[jdev] Has somebody still focused on Jabber E-mail?

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Mon Jul 11 10:52:26 CDT 2005

>> Blocking of particular domains using privacy lists is unlikely to work as
>> spammers just buy new domain names every few days, just like they do 
>> today
>> with email spam, same with blocking IPs, if spammers realise they are
>> getting blocked by IP they will just start using their bot networks to
>> provide a virtually unlimited supply of sacrificial IPs to use.
> The big advantages are:
> * spammers will end up in jail more easily as it is easier to locate them.

Not really as the sort of spammers that take advantage of botnets and such 
have no problem with using false names and credit card details to buy the 
sacrificial domain names, which renders them very difficult to track down.

> * providers that allow spammers to use their services will get a bad
> reputation (as spammers can't use the domains of the competition of their
> provider)

Some providers that are hosting spammers nowadays dont really seem to have 
that much of a problem with getting bad reputations, they just want money 
from the spammers and the more spammers spam the more money they get in 
bandwidth charges.

> * virusses can't use the address from a third party in the Outlook address
> book for the From: header (so social engineering will be a bit more
> difficult).

True, but this has nothing to do with blocking of domains and is rather a 
result of jabber having dialback.

> * emails will be more valued in court.

You mean jabber/xmpp messages will be more valued in court dont you?, this 
discussion is not about normal email which this does not affect because as 
soon as a message is transmitted using jabber its a jabber message not an 
email, but this doesnt have anything to do with blocking domains.


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