[jdev] Re: Re: JEP-114 - what is the "component name"?

Gaston Dombiak gaston at jivesoftware.com
Fri Jul 22 17:14:51 CDT 2005

Thanks Ralph your your help. I will have to rethink a couple of things
now. :)


  -- Gato

"Ralph Meijer" <jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu> wrote in message
news:<20050722083511.GB96200 at ik.nu>...
> On Thu, Jul 21, 2005 at 04:50:22PM -0300, Gaston Dombiak wrote:
> > Hey ralphm,
> > 
> > My question was/is about the format of the TO attribute when sending
> > opening stream:stream element. So is it valid to just include the
> > instead of the subdomain+hostname? There is no description of that
in the 
> > JEP, just the examples that are using the format subdomain+hostname.
> Oh. Maybe the text is not clear in this respect. The 'to' attribute
> contain the address of the component, a FQDN. If the address is DNS
> resolvable (e.g. 'conference.jabber.org', other servers can send
> messages to it (via s2s). If you just use 'conference.localhost' or
> 'conference', this is ok, too, but only local entities (clients or
> components connected to the same server) can send messages to it,
> because the address would typically only resolve within the server.
> For completeness, when a server receives a packet it checks the 'to'
> address. If it is its own address it will try to handle the packet
> itself. If it not, it has to route the packet elsewhere. In case of
> local clients, it will try to send the packet on to a connected client
> or handle it itself. If the address (or the host part of it) is of a
> locally known component it will route it there. As a last resort, it
> will try to resolve the address using DNS and open a s2s connection to
> the found IP-address/port.
> > Your post made me have more questions now. :) So is it valid to send

> > subdomain+anyhostname to a server whose hostname is not anyhostname?
> > can I read about the implications of doing something like that? How
may a 
> > server differentiate between subdomain and subdomain+anyhostname? Do
> > have different implications?
> Yes, the address is completely free. However, when an other server
> to send messages to your component, the FQDN of the component should
> resolve to the server it is connected to, since this other server will
> simply open a s2s connection to the given address. Your server is then
> responsible for answering on behalf of the component. This is because
> servers cannot know beforehand if a certain address points to a
> server or a server component.
> -- 
> Groetjes,
> ralphm

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