[jdev] jabber(d) extension

Maciek Niedzielski machekku at miroku.uaznia.net
Mon Jul 25 08:56:00 CDT 2005

On Pn Lipca 25 2005, 15:27, Tant Ludovic napisał(a):
> - when a message or a presence is sent from a local jid to specific
> virtual jid, forward it to differents real jid. And when a presence
> query is asked for a virtual jid, reply 'available' if at least one of
> the different real jid is available. In a few word, it is like a mailing
> list.

The first part (broadcasting) would probably be easy to implement using
Or you may simply make it a component (transport).

BTW: There are jabber bots which work with blogs - blog owner may post an
entry by sending a message to the bot, then it is broadcasted to all blog
subscribers. If someone writes a reply to the message containing the
entry, it is added as a comment and broadcasted to all subscribers
(including blog owner). Then, if someone writes a reply to the message
with a comment, it is added as a next comment and broadcasted. Etc.
One bot may be used to get notifications from many blogs.

Now, if you need many virtual jids, just make it a component which virtual
contacts work like the bot described above.

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