[jdev] Re: jabber(d) extension

Stephen Marquard scm at marquard.net
Mon Jul 25 11:07:00 CDT 2005

Tant Ludovic wrote:
> I want to add specific functionnalities in a jabber server.
> The jabber server is not already chosen. Short listers are jabberd1.4, 
> jabberd 2.0, XCP and Jive Messenger.
> The kind of specific functions are:
> - when a message is sent from a local jid to another local jid, I want 
> to be able to filter or modify the message. For exemple, to do automatic 
> translation (because I know the 'from' jid is spanish and the 'to' jid 
> is german)
> - when a message or a presence is sent from a local jid to specific 
> virtual jid, forward it to differents real jid. And when a presence 
> query is asked for a virtual jid, reply 'available' if at least one of 
> the different real jid is available. In a few word, it is like a mailing 
> list.
> I am wondering if I have to write a module, specific to the server, or 
> write an external component using JEP-0114.
> I spent several days searching on the net and in mailing list without 
> finding accurate informations (because 'reply', 'filter', 'forward' are 
> very common words :-( ).
> - Has somebody advices between these two ways (specific module vs 
> external component) ?
> - Did somebody heard about projects, questions or product with this kind 
> of functions?

If you want to do something internal to a server, mod_perl has recently been 
revived for jabberd2:


which provides the intriguing possibility of defining perl filters or handlers 
for the session manager (which can be invoked at a number of different stages in 
  message handling).


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