[jdev] jabber(d) extension

Tant Ludovic ludovic.tant at atosorigin.com
Mon Jul 25 11:23:00 CDT 2005

Mickael Remond a écrit :

> Tant Ludovic wrote:
>> I want to add specific functionnalities in a jabber server.
>> The jabber server is not already chosen. Short listers are 
>> jabberd1.4, jabberd 2.0, XCP and Jive Messenger.
>> The kind of specific functions are:
>> - when a message is sent from a local jid to another local jid, I 
>> want to be able to filter or modify the message. For exemple, to do 
>> automatic translation (because I know the 'from' jid is spanish and 
>> the 'to' jid is german)
> A very direct option could be to modify the routing code of your 
> Jabber server. Modifying the ejabberd_router is, for example, pretty 
> straightforward to implement this kind of feature.

I looked in the jabberd2.0 source code and it seems not to be difficult 
to do.

It's a pity which there is not a JEP about this kind of feature.

>> - when a message or a presence is sent from a local jid to specific 
>> virtual jid, forward it to differents real jid. And when a presence 
>> query is asked for a virtual jid, reply 'available' if at least one 
>> of the different real jid is available. In a few word, it is like a 
>> mailing list.
> You have several options here. Some of them are:
> - The simplest one could be to implement a Jabber client, that knows 
> by some way who are its virtual JID. It will subscribe to those JID 
> presence and can thus set up its own presence accordingly.
> - Another way would be to implement a service inside the server 
> itself. With ejabberd and its module architecture it should be also 
> quite straightforward.

Thanks for differents ideas. I'll write a jabber robot.


Ludovic Tant

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