[jdev] confusion over user at domain JIDs and email addresses?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Jul 26 12:23:10 CDT 2005

Mario Salzer wrote:

> scheme gets rather implicit in such cases. You wouldn't likewise
> expect a Jabber client to nitpick "You must prefix your account
> name with jabber:// else I won't accept it in the input field for
> the JID here!".

Actually it's xmpp: but whatever. ;-)

> But back on topic. I'm more interested to hear how many people
> (especially AOL users) misinterpret JIDs as email addresses, even
> when expicitely labeled that way.

I have no idea -- you'd have to do some usability testing.

> The usability problem of jabber and popoflux here is, that less
> technically inclined people consider every string with a single
> "@" inside to be an email address. At least that is the general
> assumption.
> But are typical AOL users really that dumb? And must @-strings be
> eschewed for anything but E-Mail addresses therefore?

I refuse to speculate as the intelligence of the average AOL user.

> Are there any findings on how often mislead emails (= non-spam)
> really hit Jabber servers? Usability assumptions are nice, but
> I'd of course prefer any real-world statistic on this topic.

Not that I know of.

> The JID vs EMail topic has sure already been discussed to death on
> this list, 

Since Jabber was started in 1999, I've never seen anyone worry about it 
until you posted to the list. It is possible that there was some 
discussion about it in the very early days (August 1999 or so). See for 
instance this thread:



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