[jdev] PyICQ-t, PyAIM-t, and JWGC moved to new site

Daniel Henninger jadestorm at nc.rr.com
Tue Mar 1 23:51:05 CST 2005


All of my projects are now hosted in a single central location,
http://www.blathersource.org/.  Each project's repository is now under
Subversion (svn.blathersource.org) instead of CVS.  All of my mailing
lists (py-transports, jwgc) are now hosted at blathersource.org.  Each
project's respective home pages are now:

- PyICQ-t: http://pyicq-t.blathersource.org/
- PyAIM-t: http://pyaim-t.blathersource.org/
- JWGC: http://jwgc.blathersource.org/

I will transfer bug reports and the like over from JabberStudio when it is
back to life and/or I can get access to my data from the database in some
way.  Likewise, I will have them converted to "off-site projects".

The new site is functional, but is not complete.  I have a lot of other
features I am working on adding/improving, but I decided it is functional
enough at this point to post.  And before anyone asks, there are no
current plans for other projects at the site other than my own.  ;)  I
simply wanted a good central place to put my things.

Note: This change does not affect scriptrepo, which I have been maintaining
      for a little bit now.  It will always live on jabberstudio.  I may
      set up a read-only mirror for it at blathersource at some point but
      I am not yet sure about that.

Many thanks to Modevia.com for providing wonderful hosting services!


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     - The Lost Boyz

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