[jdev] PyMSNt 0.10 released! Now with avatars!

James Bunton james at delx.cjb.net
Sun Oct 2 20:31:10 CDT 2005

Hi everybody.

PyMSNt 0.10 has been released and declared stable. Its handling several 
thousand concurrent users on SAPO (http://messenger.sapo.pt) servers 
right now.

This release brings all sorts of niceties:
* Limited ad-hoc commands
* More stability
* Fixes to contact list handling (this may mean you have to redelete a 
few contacts as a once-off)
* Clustering support (requires an extra component. Join py-transports 
if you're interested)
* MSN7 personal message -> Jabber status, and MSN nick -> Jabber vCard 
* <nickname> tag in presence for willing clients.
* And of course, vCard and (limited) JEP-8 avatars!

Grab it from: http://msn-transport.jabberstudio.org

Have a look at the developer docs to see how to make sure your client 
works well with the transport.
At the moment the user guide isn't fully up to date.

As always, please mail me, (or preferably 
py-transports at blathersource.org) with any bug reports or requests for 
assistance, or just to let me know its all working :)




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