[jdev] Re: Fwd: Re: Lan chat

Norman Rasmussen normanr at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 03:44:05 CDT 2005

I think that perhaps the best way forward would be to pick up an
exisiting jabber client and add Bonjour/RendezVous capabilites to it.

you might want to look at:
Gaim's summer-of-code project: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/summerofcode/juanjo/
The Psi project's design doc: http://psi-im.org/wiki/Bonjour

Personally I think that implementing this as a jabber-rendezvous proxy
server would be the best way forward :-) because it means that you can
use _any_ jabber client with it.

- Norman Rasmussen
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