[jdev] Google Talk transport?

Bruce Campbell list-jdev at vicious.dropbear.id.au
Tue Oct 4 09:25:08 CDT 2005

On Tue, 4 Oct 2005, Norman Rasmussen wrote:

> I'm not that up to speed with the Perl Jabber libraries, so please
> excuse me if I'm wrong here.  When I got around to implementing a
> transport is going to be in python, because I'm familiar with that.
> I was going to make one client connection per-resource.  So basically
> if you login twice, you proxy twice too.

The way that I've handled it is to use 'user at host' as the key for looking 
up stored credentials.  Although changing it to use 'user at host/resource' 
as the key, that approach would mean that the user would have to resupply 
credentials if they connect using a different resource value (perhaps this 
means different client, perhaps it means a different instance of the same 

Peter Saint-Andre can probably comment which is the intended approach for 

> Wouldn't that get rid of the
> "Handling of the Resource portion of the JID is at times crufty"
> comment?

The cruftyness comment is because I don't bother to copy the resource 
value from the requesting client to the proxied user at host.  Eg, if you 
start talking to the gateway as 'user at host/Gabber', the proxied connection 
is 'joebloe at someotherhost/gateway.processid.timevalue' .

> Also why not move to data forms to address "Certain clients silently
> drop some of the tags requested for registration.".  That way you can
> make your own fields, and things will just-work(tm).

I'm not sure I follow you.  I'm passing from the component to the user:

 	<iq from='componentname' to='user at host/resource' type='result'>
 	   <query xmlns='jabber:iq:register'>
 			All of the requested fields must be filled in.

With Gabber, I see a window that asks for:


With PSI 0.9.3, I see a window that asks for


Debug on PSI shows that the packet is received as quoted above, so its a 
bug in PSI.

However, if I register with Gabber, I can still use the gateway with PSI.

   Bruce Campbell

   Up to version 1.6 now.

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