[jdev] component presence question

Ben Turner ext.ben.turner at siemens.be
Tue Oct 11 04:18:12 CDT 2005


I have a question concerning presence when working via a server component.

I wish to relay presence changes of a virtual entity to a jabberd via the
component, after which the server should send these presence updates to all
users that have subscribed to the entity's presence.

Is it necessary to have components add a to="" attribute in the presence stanza?
At the moment of sending the presence updates, the component itself does not
know who has subscribed to the entity, only the server.

If I send the following presence stanza to the server from the component,
presence is not relayed:

<presence from="entity">

When however I add a to="" attribute, it is relayed properly to the subscriber:

<presence from="entity" to="one_of_the_subscribers>

Is this the way components should act? I.e. must components know where presence
updates are to be sent?

Thanks a lot,


Ben Turner
tel: +32 14 252326

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