[jdev] Problem Connecting to GoogleTalk using my custom client

Joe Beda jbeda at google.com
Thu Oct 20 12:10:00 CDT 2005

Hi Fabio,

Slight correction to this:

The talk servers require TLS/SSL to log in.  You can do this in two ways:
1) (preferred) Connect to 5222 and do a starttls.  This is the new preferred
XMPP style of starting up tls
2) Connect to 5223 and do tls right away.  Then you can authenticate via
SASL or old school jabber mechanisms.


On 10/20/05, Fábio Coelho <coelho at jfsc.gov.br> wrote:
> Mukil Kesavan wrote:
> > Server: talk.google.com <http://talk.google.com> <http://talk.google.com>
> Port: 5222
> Google talk, only talks in 5223... SSL connection :D
> Look in the google talk help page tp configuring other IMs:
> "Enter 'talk.google.com <http://talk.google.com>' in the 'Host:' field,
> and enter '5223' in the
> 'Port:' field (5222 will not work)."
> --
> by qoelheXXIX
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