[jdev] JabberMaps is ready for public beta testing!

Norman Rasmussen norman at rasmussen.co.za
Sat Oct 22 05:32:03 CDT 2005

So the question is, can I get my non-public registration server onto
the map?  I think this is a useful idea because is shows your server
as part of the federation, even if signups are non-public.

I assume the best way to do this would to pull the xmpp federation's
atom feed (with geolocation info!), and then I can just add my server
to the list there.

On 10/21/05, Hal Rottenberg <halr9000 at gmail.com> wrote:
> http://halr9000.com/article/227
> JabberMaps is ready for public beta testing!  I shall now lazily paste
> the text from my blog.  You'll have to go there for all of the fancy
> hyperlinks, but here's the main one:
> http://www.jabbermaps.com/servers/
> October 20, 2005 at Oct 20, 05 | 9:17 pm · Filed under Jabber,
> Internet, Projects, Software
> Everybody put your hands together for JabberMaps! Before you say, "hey
> hasn't this already been done?" let me answer.
> No, it hasn't. This is for servers, not jabber users! Created by CarlB
> of Jabberzilla fame, we have a new system for finding the fastest and
> most reliable Jabber server for YOU.
> When choosing a Jabber server, what are the criteria?
>     * Location, for latency issues
>     * Uptime, for reliability issues
> JabberMaps, by taking advantage of Google Maps (duh, isn't everyone?),
> can help you pinpoint precisely where that server is located. Plus it
> obtains uptime data from the Public Jabbernet database so you don't
> pick a dud. :)
> Go there: JabberMaps
> Carl has now gotten this app to a stable point and it works well. Now
> he needs your help. Please try it out. Tweak all of the buttons, take
> it for a drive. Then use the feedback link and please let him know
> what you think.
> I myself have one comment so far. I'd like to see features, like we
> have on the location-challenged jabber.org server list. Other than
> that its just great. :)
> In case you are curious for some more background, my part in this is
> that jabbermaps is hosted on my server. So don't slashdot it please.
> Well, I don't think we've had one before so it would be educational
> anyways. :/
> Also, there has been some new developments since stpeter announced the
> XMPP Federation, which aims to be a definitive network resource for
> XMPP. I don't actually know this, but I suspect it will replace the
> server list on jabber.org. Peter is also collectiong geolocation data,
> so there might be some sort of interaction between this database and
> JabberMaps in the future. We have discussed moving it to his server as
> well to keep the branding that our communiity would benefit from.
> Anyway, please do check it out and and report back. :)
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