[jdev] Re: A bit off topic..

Adam Olsen synic at jbother.org
Mon Oct 31 16:28:37 CST 2005

I can't deregister - I don't remember my credentials.  The guy just set 
me up a test account.


Jakub Piotr Clapa wrote:
> Hal Rottenberg wrote:
>> I would say this is perfectly on topic for both JDEV and standards-JIG.
>> On 10/31/05, Adam Olsen <synic at jbother.org> wrote:
>>> Hey,
>>> I've started getting jabber spam... from random users at gg.aster.pl.
>>> Anyone know anything about this server?  It's usually a message from a
>>> random number @ gg.aster.pl.  Is there any JEP that covers blocking an
>>> entire server?
> For this particular case I would advise deregistering from gg.aster.pl. 
> That's probably a GaduGadu gateway and it's impossible for it to send 
> messages to arbitrary JIDs from the GG network (but spam to users 
> registered on this this network is possible and happens sometimes).
> Of course I assume that the admin of aster.pl is not an EvilGuy but it 
> is a save guess I think.

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