[jdev] pyrss fix in subversion (optional)

Rafal Zawadzki bluszcz at jabberpl.org
Sun Sep 4 14:59:36 CDT 2005

Hi, unfortunately there was a one mistake in pyrss source ( It makes
pyrss dependent on psyco (it is optional). Every interested could take fixed 
version from subversion:

svn checkout https://bluszcz.jabberpl.org/svn/pyrss/

or if you already taken from subversion (in pyrss directory):

svn update

Generally, If you are equipped with psyco you don't need this _fix_.

Ow, subversion "release" got one feature - more infos using "list" command by 



Rafal Zawadzki  [jid/mail: bluszcz at jabberpl.org]
  [homepage: http://jabberpl.org ]

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