[jdev] Best practices regarding roster management by clients ?

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Sep 8 08:53:40 CDT 2005

> This is a problem in a lot of clients.
> For example, both tkabber and gajim display 
> contacts with sub=none or sub=from (see (A)), 
> and both send presence type=unsubscribe and 
> type=unsubscribed when the user "removes" a 
> contact from roster.

One policy that fixes all the ambiguities (there are more than you
described) is to only display contacts if the user has given the person
a petname and/or placed them in a group.

This allows the user/client to control whether or not a contact is
displayed, independent of their subscription state.

N.B. this policy is not standard, it just works well in practice.

> When we reach a consensus, maybe an
> Informational JEP about this should be written.


- Ian

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