[jdev] Re: Determining a user's presence information

Edward Scanzano escanzano at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 16 10:25:15 CDT 2005

Let me give you my situtation.

I have a web site that has millions of registered
users. A given user may want to see the current
presence information for a focused group of these

How would you suggest I do this. Here are a few of my

1. I login to jabber a this user and subscribe to
presence events for his roster. This presents some
challenges since it would require many-many thousands
of logins to jabber and tons of subscription messages.
A real burden for the server.

What would be ideal is if I could provide Jabber with
some user information as an admin and it will tell me
that users current presence. Nevermind all this roster
and subscription stuff.


--- Alexey Nezhdanov <snake at penza-gsm.ru> wrote:

> Roberto Della Pasqua ÎÁÐÉÓÁÌ(a):
> > >You won't exactly need to "query" Jabber to get
> the users' presence.  What
> > >you'll be doing is recording what the server
> tells you automatically, for
> > >later recall.
> >
> > Please, can you kindly explain this?
> He means that as long as user authorised you to see
> his presence status - you 
> will get presence updates automatically (as long as
> you available yourself).
> >
> > Thank you :)
> >
> > Roberto
> -- 
> Respectfully
> Alexey Nezhdanov

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