[jdev] Choice of, and enhancements to, S2S Components

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Fri Sep 16 18:18:10 CDT 2005

Op vrijdag 16 september 2005 19:59, schreef ennova2005-jabber at yahoo.com:
> I am interested in connecting a number (100+) of independently hosted
> sites using S2S. Although each of the sites are small (< 500 users),
> the requirements for inter-site IM communication are high.
> For various administrative reasons a central server will not work.
> Some of the sites have been using XMPP servers already, so the choice
> has been made to use XMPP.
> Couple of questions for the community:
> 1. If the sole reason to pick a XMPP server implementation to deploy in
> all these locations was the strength of its S2S component
> (scalability/

ejabberd can be clustered (Erlang).

> robustness/

ejabberd can be made fault-tolerant (Erlang) and I never have seen any 
problems with s2s connections in ejabberd.

> firewall friendliness/

This is server independant I guess.

> statistics/

What do you mean with this?

> encryption    
> support),

Not yet in ejabberd. The only open-source servers that support encrypted s2s 
currently are jabberd 1.4 and jabberd2 AFAIR.

> which of the various open source implementation is 
> recommended by the community?

See signature! B-)

> 2. If the choice was to pick someone's S2S component and enhance it for
> additional features,

Which features?


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