[jdev] TLS + server dialback

Gaston Dombiak gaston at jivesoftware.com
Tue Sep 20 23:18:15 CDT 2005

Hey guys,

Since the rfc3920 spec does not provide a clear description (i.e. example) 
:) of how to relate TLS and server dialback I wanted to check with you my 
interpretation. I'm trying to figure out the step where the "server 
dialback" stream header should be sent from the Originating Server to the 
Receiving Server.

Option 1:
After TLS negotiation was successful, the Originating Server sends the 
"server dialback" stream header instead of the stream header described in 
step 7 of the example. This implies that the server will not respond with 
the stream features as described in step 8 but with the "server dialback" 
stream header.

Option 2:
Finish TLS example as described in the spec and once step 8 was executed the 
Originating Server sends the "server dialback" stream header and server 
dialback is started.

Option 3:
Create a new stream feature advertising that server dialback is available. 
And then proceed as described in Option 2. The nice thing about this option 
is that the Originating Server can find out that server dialback is 
available. But the weird thing to me about Option 2 and Option 3 is that new 
stream headers are being sent after the stream header sent in step 7 and 8.

What do you think? Did I miss a document where TLS and server dialback are 


  -- Gato 

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