[jdev] [ANN] Google Talk engineering manager live chat

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Sep 21 03:51:02 CDT 2005


Just giving this a go and it seems the server directly at jivesoftware.com 
is returning incorrect disco info information for itself, i.e. it returns an 
identity of

<identity category="services" name="Messenger Server" type="jabber"/>

when according to the jabber registrar at 
http://www.jabber.org/registrar/disco-categories.html#server it should 

<identity category='server' type='im'/>

I would also suggest making the name a bit less generic changing it to 
something like "Jive Software Server" or "Jive Software Messenger Server"

I have also found that S2S to the main server seems to work fine, but S2S to 
conference.jivesoftware.com or workgroup.jivesoftware.com (the two items 
listed under jivesoftware.com disco) does not seem to work, it seems to 
reject dialback attempts with not-authorised, I suppose this is the issue 
you mentioned.


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> Maybe the two of you could discuss how and when S2S will be
> implemented in your servers so that we can all join in from
> our regular Jabber (or Google Talk) accounts. =P

We've supported s2s in Jive Messenger for almost two months (since the
2.2 release). However, we did just discover an issue with s2s
connections with jabberd 1.x that prevented MUC from working to Jive
Messenger servers. That's fixed for our upcoming 2.3.0 release and will
be up on the jivesoftware.com server in plenty of time to join the group
chat from whatever server you'd like. If you run into any issues
connecting to our MUC instance via another server after tomorrow, please
let me know and we'll look into it immediately.


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