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Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Sun Sep 25 01:34:30 CDT 2005

On Sun, 25 Sep 2005 08:31, Kevin Smith wrote:
> First point of discussion. Is there anything which this dns second-
> guessing provides us which having all our components on a single host
> doesn't? I think no, please discuss

We've already seen some pretty good explanations in the last of how pubsub can 
run directly off normal JIDs, and I suspect that many services will work in a 
similar fashion.  Basically it seems that anything which doesn't receive 
ordinary <message>s would work just crammed onto one JID.

> 1) Programmers will have to stop making assumptions about jids based
> upon how they look and instead look at what they can do. Psi assumes
> that any jid without a user@ part is a service, it's filthy, it's
> always been filthy and we've always known it's been filthy. We do it
> because we can. It's not a good reason for not changing. When people
> start breaking the assumptions the coders have used for these rules,
> the code will be fixed. This isn't a good reason to not progress.

Funnily enough though, that rule Psi is still using would still hold.  
example.com would still be a service. :-)

The difference would be... user at example.com would now not necessarily be an 
ordinary user.  But actually, that isn't even the case today when MUC rooms 
have user-like JIDs already.

> 2) Name collisions. As has previously been noted, this is easily
> avoided through prefixes and there's probably much nicer methods.

Prefixes would indeed work, and one of the "nicer" methods would be simply to 
not give out the same name for a user and a conference room in the first 

As for the multi-DNS thing... we solve that using a wildcard entry.  But I 
guess this is only really a problem for people without access to their DNS.


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