[jdev] Fwd: Re: Lan chat

mame louk mamelouk at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 16:58:10 CDT 2005

Thanks for all this comments

> >I was thinking of using multicast (through a lib since I'm not a good
> >network programmer), but do you think using zeroconf will be better ?
> >Isn't multicast is suitted to a lan chat ? (a lot of users in the same
> >room, it seems to me more simple)

> What do you mean by multicast ? Zeroconf uses multicast for
> discovering other entities, and Zeroconf chat clients use multicast
> to send presence. The actual chatting in these chat clients is done
> directly to the other client, and uses Jabber to do the chatting.

I said that just because I almost knew anything about zeroconf. Now a
little better.
What do you think of ivy bus ? Isn't it more high level than JDNS or zeroconf ?
It even might use those two (I don't know, but it can be)

(thanks for these info anyway)

> >And at last but not least question : Can I use jabber to communicate
> >from client to client? (simple encapsulation of data, but I wanted to
> >use a standardized  encapsulation)
> As mentioned above, chatting in iChat and the other clients is done
> using jabber. It's just presence that is done differently, because of
> the multicast.

Even if it's not the best place for asking, I wanted to ask if you
know an open source software dedicated to the LAN chat. Because even
if iChat, Trillian & other can do it, LAN chat is a bit different from
IM. For example, it doesn't require a (server) account - it's
something important in jabber.



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