[jdev] Trouble sending greek characters (and I guess other languages) in Jabber messages (with Perl's Net::Jabber)

John Talbot jtalbot at proionta.gr
Thu Sep 29 08:44:26 CDT 2005

How is it that Jabber clients can send greek characters to other Jabber 
clients and they display nicely? They do, somehow.

But when I try to get my perl script to send a greek character to a 
Jabber server (and I believe I've tried everything everything under the 
sun - details below), all I get on my Jabber client is weird accented 
characters from the upper 8859-1 charset.

Here's what I tried, and you'll see the paradox:

Using a windows jabber client's raw XML entry (from an admin account), I 

SENT: <message to=""><body>Ya sou (but in 
greek letters)</body></message>

This makes the client show an announcement in perfectly readable Greek 

However when I asked my Perl script to send the exact same command (with 
"Ya sou" written both in ISO-GREEK and in UTF-8, two cases), then only 
accented western european vowels appeared in the notification. In the 
ISO-GREEK case, I got the same number of western accented letters as the 
number of greek letters in Ya sou, in the UTF-8 case, I got double the 
western letters.

This seems rather strange... because if during Pandion's raw XML entry, 
the letters of "Ya sou" were sent neither in ISO-GREEK nor in UTF-8, 
then how WERE they sent?


I just read a bit of the core XMPP protocol, it says an 
xml:lang='language-code' attribute should be used right after connection...

I'm using the Net::Jabber library for my Perl scripts. Could it be that 
the library doesn't use xml:lang? (I have no way to check) Even if so, I 
tried including an xml:lang='el' (that's the symbol for greek) attribute 
in the <message> tag that Perl sends, and that didn't change a thing 
(even though according to the core XMPP protocol it should have worked, 
if that were the problem) neither with the UTF-8 version of the string 
nor the ISO-GREEK one.

What do you think might be going on?

I could send you a trimmed version of the script if you need.

Many thanks,

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