[jdev] invisibility on servers with no jabber:iq:privacy

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Apr 4 12:22:02 CDT 2006

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Robert McQueen wrote:
> I'm trying to implement invisibility on an XMPP server which doesn't
> implement jabber:iq:privacy, namely Google Talk.
> If disco shows jabber:iq:privacy isn't available, I've found that
> jabberd2 and some other servers show up <feature
> var='presence-invisible' /> which allows you to do <presence
> type="invisible" /> for the Bad Old Way (tm) of invisibility. However,
> on Google Talk this is rightly regarded as a syntax error worthy of
> instant disconnection.
> I've also found some clients implement invisibility by sending <presence
> type="unavailable" /> to the server, which on Google Talk seems to be
> interpreted just like invisible. The server still sends presence to you,
> and other people's messages are returned with an offline error, but when
> you send messages out to people they are able to reply (for how long? I
> don't know...). This feels odd to me - is this behaviour peculiar to
> Google's servers, or is it how a normal XMPP server whould behave too?
> Regards,
> Rob

Some servers support the old-style <presence tyle='invisible'/> (which
was deprecated for various reasons when we published the XMPP RFCs).


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