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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Apr 5 10:57:21 CDT 2006

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Robert McQueen wrote:
> I've double checked the spec, and tested on a server, but it seems that
> when the room owner reconfigures a room, nothing is sent to the current
> members of the room to explain that eg they can't talk any more if the
> room is made moderated, or won't be able to rejoin if it's made invite
> only, and aren't told the password if one is set. Is this right? If we
> consider how some IRC clients always displays these settings, are we
> expected to periodically disco the room to keep these displays fresh?

The room can send a message with a status code of 104 when the room
configuration changes, but that is not really called out in the JEP.
I'll work that into the next version. See also:


Because there are many possible configuration changes, using a generic
104 status code may be preferable to defining one status code per event
type (change from hidden to public, change from members-only to open,
change from moderated to unmoderated, etc.). I am open to one status
code per event, but I need to look into it further (e.g., what is sent
if more than one change is made?).


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