[jdev] newbie Q: how can I use jabber to share file access P2P?

Tobias Thierer lists-2006 at tobias-thierer.de
Thu Apr 20 00:04:23 CDT 2006

Cedric Hyppolite wrote:

>> I think JXTA (www.jxta.org) could be a good match for the networking
>> part.
>> They have a Java implementation of the protocol and one the libraries
>> (JXTA-CMS, cms.jxta.org) is designed to share content in a P2P fashion.

Thanks for that recommendation. However, JXTA seems quite bloated - I've
spent hours reading their documentation and still haven't really figured out
what JXTA supports. (The Smack API documentation, which provides only
Jabber, seems much easier to read)

Is JXTA  just a proprietary SOAP-equivalent (don't we already have enough
RPC facilities?), or does it also provide transport and discovery
facilities? It seems JXTA doesn't have the discovery stuff (i.e. a buddy
list), so what you are recommending that I use Jabber to discover my peers,
and then use JXTA for the point-to-point communication, right?

Does anyone here have experience with JXTA, and can comment on how easy it
is to get into it?



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