[jdev] ejabberd 1.1.0 released

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Mon Apr 24 18:41:10 CDT 2006


The ejabberd team is pleased to announce the release of ejabberd 1.1.0.
This release focus on building on ejabberd famous strengths:
scalability, clustering and high-performance. As such many performance
improvements have been made to support large scale clusters. 

A large effort has also been made to support more Jabber Enhancement
  - JEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands.
  - JEP-0138: Stream Compression.
  - JEP-0175: SASL anonymous.

Important ejabberd features are:
* Clustering used on large scale deployments.
* HTTP Polling.
* Virtual hosting (Virtual domains).
* XMPP compliance.
* XHTML compliance for web interface.
* Modular architecture.
* Translated in 11 languages.
* Publish-Subscribe component.
* Statistics via Statistics Gathering (JEP-0039).
* Anonymous login support.
* Adhoc commands.
* Graphical installers for Linux, MacOSX/PPC and Windows.
(MacOSX and Windows installers are due later this week).

Note that we also support SASL EXTERNAL, even if it is not mentionned on
Jabber.org servers page.

See http://www.process-one.net/en/projects/ejabberd/ for more details.

The download page can be reached at:

Have fun !

Specific details for this major release:
                                Release Notes
                                ejabberd 1.1.0
                                24 April 2006

   This document describes the main changes in ejabberd 1.1.0. This
   introduce new features including support for new Jabber Enhancement
   Proposals and several performance improvements enabling deployments
   on an even larger scale than already possible.

   ejabberd can be downloaded from the Process-one website:

   Detailed information can be found in the ejabberd Feature Sheet and
   User Guide which are available on the Process-one website:

   A complete list of changes is available from:

   Recent changes include:

New Jabber Enhancement Proposal support:

  - JEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands.
  - JEP-0138: Stream Compression.
  - JEP-0175: SASL anonymous.

Anonymous login

  - SASL anonymous.
  - Anonymous login for clients that do not yet support SASL Anonymous.

Relational database Support

  - MySQL is now fully supported through ODBC and in native mode.
  - Various improvements to the native database interfaces.
  - The migration tool can use relational databases.

Multi-User Chat improvements

  - Logging of room discussion to text file is now supported.
  - Better reconfiguration support.
  - Security oriented fixes.
  - Several improvements and updates to latest JEP-0045.

Performance scalability improvements for large clusters

  - Improved session synchronisation management between cluster nodes.
  - Internal architecture has been reworked to use generalize Erlang/OTP
    framework usage.
  - Speed improvement on logger.
  - TCP/IP packet reception change for better network throttling and
  As a result, these improvements will reduce load on large scale

XMPP Protocol related improvements

  - XML stanza size can be limited.
  - Messages are send to all resources with the same highest priority.

Documentation and Internationalization

   - Documentation has been extended to cover more topics.
   - Translations have been updated.

Web interface

   - XHTML 1.0 compliance.


   - This release contains many bugfixes on various areas such as
     Publish-Subscribe, build
     chain, installers, IRC gateway, ejabberdctl, amongst others.
   - Please refer to the ChangeLog file supplied with this release
     all improvements in ejabberd.

   Installation Notes

Supported Erlang Version

   - You need at least Erlang/OTP R9C-2 to run ejabberd 1.1.0.


   Installers are provided for Microsoft Windows, Linux/x86 and
   Installers can be retrieved from:

Migration Notes

   - Before any migration, ejabberd system and database must be properly
     backed up.
   - The database schema has not been changed comparing to version 1.0.0
     consequently it does not require any migration.


   Contributed tutorials and documents of interest are:
   - Migration from Jabberd1.4, Jabberd2 and WPJabber to ejabberd:
   - Transport configuration for connecting to other networks:
   - Using ejabberd with MySQL native driver:
   - Anonymous User Support:
   - Frequently Asked Questions:


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