[jdev] Re: ejabberd 1.1.0 released

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Tue Apr 25 07:04:26 CDT 2006

Op dinsdag 25 april 2006 13:45, schreef Maciek Niedzielski:
> > Is it a big deal when the W3C defines nice standards and when people then
> > not implement them as defined? Maybe it is not a big feature from an
> > end-users point of view, that's true, but tolerating uncompliancy and
> > closed protocols, is a misfeature, especially for software that is based
> > on open standards as core technology.
> Moreover, I cannot imagine someone writing XMPP software, taking care of
> well formed XML and namespaces, who - at the same time - produces a tag
> soup on their website.

I know about that, and it is on my TODO list. If you want to help me with 
that, you are welcome of course. But I cannot fix all things myself. E.g. the 
HTML versions of the guide are made by hevea, and unfortunately this output 
is not compliant :-( So you also can help by patching hevea.

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.
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