[jdev] Jabber for intranet

Bandan bandan at naturesoft.net
Wed Apr 26 04:28:12 CDT 2006

Hi !

Thanks for your replies.

> > I think you'll need more luck trying to find a client that can handle this.
I am ready to code the client myself to handle this or use an already existing client and modify it to suit my needs.

> Indeed. And then actual people that can handle such an enormous list of
> people. Research has pointed out that most people can only handle around
> 150 people.
Yes I think I am getting your point. Even if I do cram a thousand users to the user's
client without his consent, still it won't be of much use. 

> What would be useful in this situation is to provide a service to
> look up and add users to your roster more easily.
Yes as you said, using a Jabber user directory where people can search based on names or departments is a better option.
Where can I find information on JUDs ? I couldn't find much on it :(

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