[jdev] Jabber for intranet

Norman Rasmussen norman at rasmussen.co.za
Wed Apr 26 05:21:28 CDT 2006

> > What would be useful in this situation is to provide a service to
> > look up and add users to your roster more easily.
> Yes as you said, using a Jabber user directory where people can search based on names or departments is a better option.
> Where can I find information on JUDs ? I couldn't find much on it :(

I would go with Wildfire, and use the LDAP integration.  For a client
you could use Spark or Pandion.  The 'User Search' plugin will allow
users to search for any other person in the LDAP directory.

I would show the users 'own group' in the roster automatically - that
way each user automatically sees people on their IM list that they
meet everyday in the office (i.e. their 'group'), and if they want to
add someone else to their roster it's easy, just use the User Search.

fyi: If you're using an Active Directory environment - there are alpha
patches available (for wildfire and pandion) to do automated login -
i.e. no username or password required to be entered to login to

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